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OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS was created by Neil H. Jones, a personal trainer in Calgary to provide people with the education and lifestyle changes required to achieve your health, fitness, and sport specific goals. Through personal or group/team training, online program design, dietary analysis and nutrition consultations, working with OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS will manage all aspects of your health and fitness lifestyle, no matter your background. Whether you are a novice gym user or a life long gym junkie; a specialist population; a sport specific athlete; trying to lose body fat, gain lean tissue, or correct a posture problem; prepare for a certain sport; or perhaps need guidance/analysis with your Diet and Nutrition – OPTIMUM HEALTH & FITNESS is committed to educating, helping and guiding you through your journey to achieve your own personal results and goals in a way specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Neil Jones

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480 14th St NW, Calgary



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  • Name Optimum Health & Fitness
  • Full Address 480 14th St NW, Calgary AB, Canada