Chixdiggit 25th Anniversary with The Shiverettes **EARLY SHOW**


Commonwealth Bar & Stage


Okay, quick history lesson: Chixdiggit! was originally conceived by four guys who couldn’t play instruments after they made enough money selling tee shirts around their high school (for an at-the-time fictional band called Chixdiggit!) to purchase some drums. If that doesn’t make sense, read on, because that’s just how stuff works in Chixdiggit! land. That was in 1991. Since then, Chixdiggit! have toured the world, put out records on indie juggernaut Sub Pop, wacky Fat Wreck subsidiary Honest Dons, Bad Taste (where they re-recorded and re-released a new version of their very first album…Weird, right?) and most recently Fat Wreck Chords proper. They’ve got more releases than a minimum-security prison in Holland and they’ve been on hiatus at least once, or maybe even twice, depending on who you ask, or maybe they’ve just been up to other shit. Hell, who knows? This is Canadian style pop, punk, comedy, social commentary, all rolled into one. Between doing whatever it is these former runaways turned punk-rock-wisecrackers turned dudes-that-will-show-up-two-hours-late-to-their-show-in-Berlin-because-they’re-just-as-interested-in-checking-out-the-local-culture-as-they-are-getting-sweaty-for-a-bunch-of-blue-haired-weirdos do back at home, Chixdiggit! is hitting the road this year in support of a new release and going as far and as wide as their grueling work schedules permit. Come for the rock or come for the jokes or come and just marvel at the fact that four dudes that look this young have been doing this for twenty-five years. Is it the genes? Is it that clean Canadian air?

Snotty Calgary punks The Shiverettes throw unruly riffs up against a backdrop of cuntry-rock influence and spit rough, honest and tongue-in-cheek lyrics all over em. They're unabashedly feminist and don't shy away from hard truths and dark subjects. The band formed nearly three years ago with a desire to flip scripts and start important dialogues, all while channeling the riot grrrl mantra of Girls To The Front. The Shiverettes are pushing themselves to the front and making sure their voices are heard.

Location: Commonwealth Bar & Stage 731 10 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0B3

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