Jason Famous & Le Fame with sitstill and Advances (FIRST SHOW!) :: Basement Show :: Hosted by Josh Ruck


Commonwealth Bar & Stage

Raised by Famous
Nurtured by Famous
Loved by Famous
Touched by Famous

Calgary native duo sitstill! haven't been around for long but they make a heck of an impression. Both members are affiliated with Lint and This City Defects but their sound couldn't be further removed from their past bands. Guitars and pulse pads buzz melodically around IDM beats, It may sound minimal, but it's more than enough to make your jaw drop. Get in on the ground floor with an exceptionally promising act.

Advances celebrate many forms of dance music that have existed through the ages, producing some richly simplistic and trés, trés sexy R&B magic. This mini super crew will have you instantly shaking your butt to their dreamy, disco-inspired house jams.

Location: Commonwealth Bar & Stage 731 10 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0B3

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